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What India may not want you to know about the #FarmersProtest

Why Indian farmers are so angry about the Modi government's agricultural reforms Bhavani Shankar, University of Sheffield India’s farmers have been protesting since the autumn, with a growing intensity that culminated in a violent breaching of barriers in the Red Fort in Delhi during India’s Republic Day celebrations on January 26. The protests were spurred by the passing of a set of agricultural reform bills in parliament in September 2020 that aimed to fundamentally transform the way in which farm produce is marketed in the country. India’s farming population of more than 100 million is comprised largely of small farmers who fear that the reforms will add considerable uncertainty to their already meagre livelihoods. India has historically had a strongly regulated marketing s...
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#FarmersProtest everything you need to know and why the Indian Government should be ashamed

Editors note: Despite the Indian Governments' attempt to shut out the rest of the world from what's happening around New Delhi and throughout the region they've failed. The Farmer 's Protests are protest occurring in the nation in response to sudden agricultural reforms that some say will likely favour big business over the little guys. Here's what we so know so far: - Locals near the state of Haryana just outside of New Delhi are calling out reforms that will likely in the end game favour big biz over the little local guys. -As of Monday, internet access in at least 14 of 22 districts near the are has been suspended by the orders of the government in an effort to stop information from further spreading. --The protests and violent clashes date back to reforms first brought...
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Indian rapper, Gabru Ghatak, shatters YouTube record overnight

Indian rapper Gabru Ghatak's Paagal shatters a YouTube record. It is now holds the record of the most video video within a 24hour period with 75 million views. The worlds go to place for all things. From how to videos to breaking down that math equation your professor breezed through during class to being entertained by content creators from anything from conspiracy theories to 360° videos. With billions of hours viewed daily it is hard to imagine missing something epic. Check it out here
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An unusual new virus has sprung up in India and it is dangerous

NEW DELHI, INDIA --   Officials in the Indian capital are traveling to the southern most region of the country today as the outbreak of a new virus ripples through a local community.  Known distinctively as the Nipah Virus,  the virus reportedly comes from infected fruit bats. Yes, you read that right.   Here's what we know.  Officials say that the virus has a death rate of about 75% in all infections.    Of the notable symptoms: convulsions, fever, vomiting (similar to that of Ebola).   The virus had previously only sprung up in countries like  Bangladesh and West Bengal . As of this writing, the virus has not been contained to the southern region of India.   Officials are concerned that if it continues to spread, it, could very well be another case of Ebola on a global scale....
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