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Hot doctor convicted of sexual assault for “man handling” woman

Sometimes there some headlines that we think are jokes, and then, we find out that these are very real stories.   A British man has been convicted of sexual assault for "touching his  lady friend's breasts too hard during a Tinder hook-up". No, that's not a joke.  A junior doctor has been convicted of a "serious but not serious" case of sexual assault after apparently hooking up with a woman (who consented) via the popular dating app Tinder.  Phillip Queree, "grabbed her breasts so hard she was left with bruising on the outer parts of her breasts"  reads a report by The Sun. In a written judgement,  Magistrate Bridget Shaw said: "I am sure that Miss X withdrew consent for Queree to grab her breasts. "Queree knew this but continued to do so forcefully, causing the complainant consi...
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