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Report: The 7th Mexican immigrant to die in ICE custody since October has been identified

Stunning news in the world of immigration rights today. According to Buzzfeed News, the total number of immigrants to die in the custody of American ICE officials has now risen to 7. Sources close to the matter reportedly told the website that the agency is dangerously close to eclipsing the total number of deaths that occurred during the fiscal year for 2019. People are seen in a residential ICE detention pod. / Associated Press Now here's what's known. Buzzfeed notes that the 34-year-old immigrant died at an Ohio hospital on Thursday. The man has been identified as Hernandez Colula, who had actually been originally detained by ICE more than 5 years way back in 2014. Records show that Colula was arrested in Rochester New York pending removal proceedings. It remains unc...
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