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“It was tough stuff, but we’re humanitarians”
Afternoon Roundup, Fresh News

“It was tough stuff, but we’re humanitarians”

So says troubled Vice President Mike Pence who has now claimed that conditions at several border facilities are of the cushy kind and the humanitarian way. According to Buzzfeed News, Pennce visited two border facilities in Texas as the weekend kicked off -- but his accounts of the conditions don't quite match that of a pool reporter who was on scene. Pence's visit came as temps hit 99 degrees and higher on Friday in McAllen Texas. Here's where the disinformation began and why VP Pence should be directly ashamed of calling himself a Christian and witnessing this all at the same time. Pool reporters nnoted in several tweets that "hundreds of men were caged together; in sweltering connditions, without food and or even toothbrushes". In "the smell was horrendous" some officers "were e...
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