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House of Cards learns its fate: Hot Today

Netflix's popular House of Cards has learned its fate. Following weeks of controversy over Kevin Spacey 's sexual molestation allegations, the network, has decided that it will proceed with the final season of the show. Starring, you guessed it, Robin Wright as the lead.  Creators of the show confirmed that it will go on, and, "they were glad to give fans the closure they deserve".    Meanwhile, Spacey, has been accused of sexual assault on at least four more men.

Production on House of Cards season 6 suspended 

Bad news for House of Cards fans.   According to producers,   season 6 of the hit show has seen its production cancelled.   The temporary suspension of production comes as the claims against newly and openly gay star Kevin Spacey become more complex.  "We're evaluating the situation" reads a statement from Netflix about the suspension.  Meanwhile,  other reports appear to have confirmed that at least three spin offs are currently up for grabs. 
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