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Bombshell revelation in case against Harvey Weinstein
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Bombshell revelation in case against Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced movie-mogul on trial for numerous counts of sexual assault and rape — just saw his own case get a whole lot more interesting.  According to the AP,   Weinstein ‘s lawyers were notified this week through the form of a letter that misconduct occurred on (again) on behalf of the prosecutors presiding over the case. This is where it gets interesting. The AP notes that a cop by the name of Nicholas DiGuadio apparently coached one of the witnesses in the case, uh,  to essentially delete privy content from her mobile phones before turning them in.   The site claims that prosecutors discovered the information, and,  were legally and lawfully obligated to inform the defense. While some of the charges still remain, it, appears that others may actually be thrown ...
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