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Former Senator Harry Reid reveals the U.S government is covering up contact with UFO ‘s and other “worlds”

Sort of anyway. In a new documentary directed by actor Jamie Foxx — the former Senator Minority Leader appears to suggest that the United States Government is engaging in one of the deepest coverups in history. That cover-up, per Reid (who sat on multiple committees and such tasked with covering classified info about UFOS and beyond) starts with the alleged fact that the government refuses to confirm to the American public if they’re actually alone in this world. Editors note: This documentary appears to coincide with the 2020 declaration from the Department of Defense earlier this year that they indeed have spotted what they say are UFO ‘s a number of times. In fact, the following image is from a DoD video released on YouTube earlier this year. The image you’re about to see is b...
The FBI knew Russia hacked the US election: Report
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The FBI knew Russia hacked the US election: Report

And if it comes out to be authentic as it seems to be, it, would make Russia's hacking of the US election more significant than that of Watergate.  According to Senator Harry Reid,   FBI director James Comey reportedly knew of Russia's intensive meddling in the US elections -- with some saying that the hacking is the reason why Comey decided not to pursue any charges against  Clinton at all. According to The Guardian, “The FBI had this material for a long time but Comey, who is of course a Republican, refused to divulge specific information about Russia and the presidental election,” Reid told MSNBC on Saturday. Comey testified to Congress in July that he was no longer a registered Republican, though he belonged to the party most of his life. “Everyone should know WikiLeaks was inv...
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