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Gun Violence

Monday Mix: More on the Fedex killer; America under siege, and more

It's Monday morning which means grab your coffee and dig in. In this morning mix, we've got quite a few headlines to share with you today that took place over the weekend. As we generally like to remind our readers these days, please be safe out there wherever you are to the best of your ability. The creepy white guy Brandon Hole alike many others apparently suffered from significant mental illness. A report published online revealed that Brandon Scott Hole apparently suffered from mental illness and obsession with My Little Pony leading up to the Fedex massacre. It has also been revealed that despite being investigated by the FBI and having a gun confiscated he managed to legally buy two more. [Click here.] 2. A mass shooting in Austin Texas appears to have taken place over...
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Gun Violence in America: A Stance

I am not trying to be funny at all. I am more of a knife person.  Guns can be used to protect, but they also can be used to ensure a kill. The difference between a gun and a knife is- I could obliterate a mall, school, densely populated area, a house of worship in a matter of seconds, reload and do it all over again. You can’t do that with a knife. I do have to say, had I lived in a world where guns were used to ensure that game killed was so my family could eat or to prevent a threat from happening- I might have a different perspective. My lived experience with guns has been in one of fear. When I was 2 years old I remember having a gun placed to my head in a car. Jewelry rob, money stolen, and my life was the bargaining chip- let me tell you even at 2 years old y...
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Child finds gun under couch, child kills self: Police

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- Let this be a  wake-up call for  people who knowingly don't conceal their guns in their home or hide them in a locked closet.   Police reports obtained by numerous outlets confirmed that Justin Foss Jr, a child,  was pronounced dead on Saturday after having found a gun underneath the couch in his family's home. Jail records did not immediately indicate whether or not  Sr. has a lawyer who could be contacted for comment. In police reports,    Sr. and his girlfriend, claimed that  the child had "found a gun that they hid in the house". Police reports  show that  Foss Sr, his father,    was booked in jail  on possession of a weapon charge concerning a convicted felon.   Foss. Jr, ehum, was just four-years-old.  
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After #MarchforOurLives , Khane, has ordered gun videos indefinitely banned

With last weeks' re-launch of our video sharing platform,  many, were excited at the idea of being able to share their videos once again.   Just days ago,  our  assistant editors made the  announcement that gun videos (to an extent) would be allowed on the pages of our  centralized video home page. However, after  the March for Our Lives protests in New York City  Saturday,  such is no longer the case.  Khane has reversed the announcement ordering an indefinite ban on gun videos and any link to a website that promotes them.    Such links and videos are indefinitely banned  on our servers, and, users who  attempt to upload them  risk having their entire IP address and identifying information   indefinitely recorded and  barred from ever visiting these websites again. The strict policy...
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Donald Trump begins victory lap in Florida shooting

In typical Trump fashion, Trump, is out in Florida visiting the victims of the same shooting he could have prevented had he not reversed Obama-era gun rules in the beginning of his presidency. According to The New York Post,  Trump, arrived at Broward Medical Center in Florida earlier this evening.  There, he spoke to first-responders and medical staff whom he thanked for their service to the people of Florida. “Very sad, something like this would happen,” the president told reporters on his way out. “But the job the doctors did, the nurses, the hospital, first responders, law enforcement (was) really incredible. The speed that they got the victims over to the hospital was like record speed — one case 20 minutes, in one case 19 minutes form the time of the shots. It’s an incredib...
Shooter in University of Philly shooting spree identified
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Shooter in University of Philly shooting spree identified

Friday evenings horrific shooting at the University of Philly is still settling in for most, but now, more details have emerged in the shooting. According to policemen, Nicholas Glenn, 25, has been identified as the man who injured numerous people and is believed to have killed another after opening fire at the school. He was later shot dead by officers after being confronted in an alleyway near the school. Numerous University officers were injured in the attacks.
President Barack Obama’s Emotional Stance On Gun Control
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President Barack Obama’s Emotional Stance On Gun Control

Gun control is a topic that consumes the minds of a lot of people. With increased violence from gun shootings around the United States, many people wonder what local authorities and government are doing to solve this growing problem. It seems that guns continue to reach the hands of those that would do others harm far too often. Well, this is a concern not just for the American public, but for the President of the United States as well. President Obama is not known for his whimsical sunny personality in public, but when it comes to guns, specifically gun violence, his emotional side comes to life. In October of 2015 president Obama said with utter frustration and disbelief, “we've become numb to this,” after reports of yet another mass tragedy due to gun violence came to light. That day,...
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