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Fedex killer Brandon Hole bought his guns legally last year despite being investigated by the FBI
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Fedex killer Brandon Hole bought his guns legally last year despite being investigated by the FBI

It's a story many Americans are tired of hearing and a story newsrooms have written more times then we'd probably like to have to recount. According to Indianapolis police, the FBI appears to have once again failed itself amid reports that Mr. Hole managed to slip through the cracks buying even more guns. More guns being a reference to the fact he had already had his gun seized last year, but, was able to buy two more shotguns in the months following a visit from FBI officials. A statement from his family has been released this weekend. “We are devastated at the loss of life caused as a result of Brandon’s actions; through the love of his family, we tried to get him the help he needed," the statement said. "Our sincerest and most heartfelt apologies go out to the victims of this ...
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New Policy: Gun videos are somewhat allowed in our video library

For the first time in history,  we,   will be opening our video library to the public  to upload their own content.    Over the next several weeks, we, will be   toying with different policies  to implement   within the library. While users will not be able to edit the site itself,  users, will be able to  upload videos (although they will not be able to remove them). Of course,     the second amendment is a thing so we have chosen to allow gun videos to a certain extent.    All videos are reviewed on a nightly basis, and,  those  who take it to the extreme will be  removed from the video sharing portion of our site entirely. While videos are allowed,  links to and or from  sites selling them are not.  We are not gun distributors, and, will not promote them....
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LIVE NOW: Parkland High School Students speak in Washington

  And we're totally here for it.   Today marks the beginning of the students quest to force their hand on forcing those that run the United States to make better decisions and common sense changes to gun laws. Students from across the country are staging walk-outs at their schools in order for those in charge to realize, that, they feel uncomfortable. Students are voicing their opinions in all kinds of ways, and,  it appears to be causing discussion.   Notably,  students in Texas are faced with a dilemma as administrators have threatened to expel those that protest. In other cities like  Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta, others, are flat-out walking out of their mid-day classes all together.   https://twitter.com/PaulNBlake/status/966380283825188864 Below,  a live telec...
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Noella Fe Says: Tomi Lahren aka “Tammie”

"Can the Left let the families grieve for even 24 hours before they push their anti-gun and anti-gunowner agenda? My goodness. This isn't about a gun it's about another lunatic. #FloridaShooting   -Tomi Lahren I'd like to believe this wouldn't be her statement if it were her sister or her brother or her child. Is this statement coming from someone who them themselves could purchase a gun at 15 with daddy's credit card? So he's a lunatic, but Tamar Rice was what? She and no one else's point matters if they are not the victim of such tragedies. Our hearts pour out to not just the latest victims but all the victims of the mass school shootings for 2018 and before. People with guns that are allowed to live after killing others inspires more killers. Take that how you want to. I hope my ...
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