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New Policy: Gun videos are somewhat allowed in our video library

For the first time in history,  we,   will be opening our video library to the public  to upload their own content.    Over the next several weeks, we, will be   toying with different policies  to implement   within the library. While users will not be able to edit the site itself,  users, will be able to  upload videos (although they will not be able to remove them). Of course,     the second amendment is a thing so we have chosen to allow gun videos to a certain extent.    All videos are reviewed on a nightly basis, and,  those  who take it to the extreme will be  removed from the video sharing portion of our site entirely. While videos are allowed,  links to and or from  sites selling them are not.  We are not gun distributors, and, will not promote them....
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Surprise! A large number of Americans are actually supporting arming teachers

Arming teachers has been the discussion of the year in America so far, and per a poll, many Americans are apparently on board with the controversial idea. In a poll conducted by The Washington Post,  over half-of-all  legal age Americans do indeed oppose the idea. But,  the other part not so much. In no surprise, Republicans support the idea as they are largely the biggest base of pro-NRA/gun wielders in the United States.  Also on the board, are Independent voters, who, also largely support the idea -- although it remains a bad one. As it has been pointed out several times before, even a good guy with a gun, can't actually stop a mass shooting (and even sometimes, they're the cause of them).  Arming teachers to the teeth with guns, or, ("suggesting that they get a bonus for c...
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