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Monday Mix: More on the Fedex killer; America under siege, and more

It's Monday morning which means grab your coffee and dig in. In this morning mix, we've got quite a few headlines to share with you today that took place over the weekend. As we generally like to remind our readers these days, please be safe out there wherever you are to the best of your ability. The creepy white guy Brandon Hole alike many others apparently suffered from significant mental illness. A report published online revealed that Brandon Scott Hole apparently suffered from mental illness and obsession with My Little Pony leading up to the Fedex massacre. It has also been revealed that despite being investigated by the FBI and having a gun confiscated he managed to legally buy two more. [Click here.] 2. A mass shooting in Austin Texas appears to have taken place over...

Another shooting has been reported (again) in Kenosha Wisconsin

Editors note: These articles may be taxing for some viewers as we have written probably a dozen or more of them in the past month alone. Please remember to hug your loved ones it isn't safe in America anymore. KENOSHA, WISCONSIN -- Just 48 hours or so after the previous shooting another shooting rang out overnight in Kenosha Wisconsin. This time cops are confirming at least 3 deaths and numerous injuries after a gunman opened fire at the Somers Tavern just shortly after 12:40 am local time. It is unclear who the gunman actually was per police. A search is underway for the suspect as they are unknown as of this writing. Officers are asking nearby businesses or anyone who may have footage from the weekend at the Tavern to come forth.
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Death toll from Texas shooting rises to 7

This article is an editors correction notice.  Earlier this weekend, an article published by this newspaper noted that the death toll in the Odessa-Midlands Texas shooting was 5, it is now 7.  On Sunday, authorities confirmed that two more people have died following injuries from the attacks. From what we understand, the 2 year old child is also still in critical condition.
Obama pledges to act unilaterally for US gun control
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Obama pledges to act unilaterally for US gun control

United States President Barack Obama has indicated he may bypass Congress in his bid to increase gun control in the final year of his presidency. In his weekly radio address on Friday, Obama said he will meet Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday to discuss what options he can take, saying his New Year's resolution was… (more…)
New York Times issues scathing editorial on gun control
Gun Control

New York Times issues scathing editorial on gun control

And such is its first editorial on the front page of its legendary newspaper in nearly a century. In the editorial, the New York Times delivers a  tough argument as to why gun control is “direly needed” in America after the dozens-upon-dozens of mass shootings that have occurred in America and continue to happen. The scathing editorial (Read here) cites guns as “weapons of war, barely modified and deliberately marketed as tools of macho vigilantism and even insurrection”. Perhaps this just may be the first time, well ever, that the paper has truthfully revealed its stance on gun violence. “Guns in this country are a moral outrage and a national disgrace” that civilians “can legally purchase weapons designed specifically to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency.”...
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New Policy: Gun videos are somewhat allowed in our video library

For the first time in history,  we,   will be opening our video library to the public  to upload their own content.    Over the next several weeks, we, will be   toying with different policies  to implement   within the library. While users will not be able to edit the site itself,  users, will be able to  upload videos (although they will not be able to remove them). Of course,     the second amendment is a thing so we have chosen to allow gun videos to a certain extent.    All videos are reviewed on a nightly basis, and,  those  who take it to the extreme will be  removed from the video sharing portion of our site entirely. While videos are allowed,  links to and or from  sites selling them are not.  We are not gun distributors, and, will not promote them....
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Big news in fight for gun control in the United States

If Donald Trump has his way, bump stocks, will soon be banned across all gun sales in the United States along with their use on such guns.  On Tuesday, Trump directed the Department of Justice to comply with his requests for regulations banning all bump stocks and similar devices.   The move came after intense public pressure from people and students in Florida, who, are planning a march in Washington next month. The move comes in stark contrast to those who support guns and the devices that come with them. One of the hottest debates on the internet right now, is, actually that of whether or not assault rifles and such are actually considered federally illegal. The Department of Justice is "swiftly moving" to propose full bans on the devices and similar devices in the coming weeks....
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George Clooney and wife make big contribution to Gun Control movement

George Clooney and his fabulous wife  have made a massive donation to the Florida  high school students and their peers organizing a march on Washington next month.   Next month,   a march is scheduled to take place in hopes that it will force the United States Congress and politicians to  finally pass common sense gun laws in the United States. According to  George, he and his wife have made a donation to the campaign of about $550,000.   Also, per the Clooney Family,   all of the members will be in Washington  next month for the March demanding  sweeping gun reform alongside the children involved. The Daily News will also be in D.C next month for the march and we will be broadcasting our part of the March from Youtube for the world to watch. "What we’re trying to do here [with] ...
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