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Viral hate-promoter Rush Limbaugh voluntarily deletes Twitter account

In wake of Trump 's ban from Twitter other far-right hating individuals are also deleting their accounts in apparent protest along with the outgoing Trump. One of those voices according to report happens to be none other than Rush Limbaugh -- a voice that has long promoted far-right conspiracy theories and outright hate across the media spectrum regardless of the platform. According to multiple GOPers, fans of Trump are apparently protesting what they call "big tech" and the censorship that comes with it. But most of those people had to be reminded that Twitter is a private company and therefore can actually set their own Terms of Service. Terms of Service that make it very clear if you incite violence you will get booted. The bans and the deletions come alongside Sidney Powe...
Fresh News

California GOP refuses to remove illegal ballot boxes, may end up toying with the law

The California Republican Party is making headlines around the world this week for almost every reason nobody would ever want to happen. According to state officials and the Attorney General’s office, officials are dancing with GOP officials over the use of illegally planted ballot collection boxes that nobody’s quite sure where ballots would end up if they end up being used. Multiple reports out Thursday now show that the GOP Party has rejected the demands made in a cease-and-desist letter to remove the boxes that have been found (so far) in at least four California counties. Those counties span Los Angeles to Ventura. Part of the letter from the GOP party in California to AG officials reads as follows: "The California Republican Party did not promote, or authorize the promot...
Counter terrorism; liars, and Chris  Christie
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Counter terrorism; liars, and Chris Christie

Say it isn't so,  well, never mind. In an editorial published in The New York Times,  the paper viciously came after  Chris Christie over the holiday weekend claiming he has largely and entirely lied about his own counter-terror record. Alexander Burns and Charlie Savage took  Christie to task over the many claims in which the twosome say Christie made "even dating back to as early as this month". First up,   Christie "exaggerated grossly his own counter-terror record.  During his time as U.S attorney, Christie didn't quite measure up to the superior counter-terror skills he claimed he had".  One case that makes that point?  As pointed out by Hot Air, a comment made by  Christie during the 15 December GOP debate. "We prosecuted two of the biggest terrorism cases in the world and stop...
A new nightmare Healthcare Bill is making its way through D.C
Battle for Healthcare

A new nightmare Healthcare Bill is making its way through D.C

WASHINGTON -- A new nightmare healthcare bill is making its way through the Capital today, and, we've got the skinny on the Lindsay Graham introduced bill.   Some headlines are declaring that the Affordable Care Act is "truly in danger" while others, uh, are shrugging their shoulders at yet another act-of-self-destruction at the hands of the GOP. Let's begin. The new bill would take money meant for insurance subsidies and Medicaid and then turn it into block grants for states. Ultimately, giving states the right to build their own healthcare system. (Given other issues in states, we could imagine that such would be a cherrypicking nightmare from hell..). The plan would ax the restriction on insurers charging absurd premiums for those with pre-existing conditions. Senator Rand...
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