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Google secretly tracking users despite requests otherwise

Use Google Services? This one might be an interesting read for you.  According to an investigation by the Associated Press, Google is “ignoring user requests not to track their location data” even during explicit requests of such kind. The investigation found that apps including e-mail; location  history, and maps — are  all or have been “continuing to store user information” even when the user clicks “stop”. The tracking, whether consensual or not, also exists on iPhones and for those who use such Google services on their Apple devices.  Princeton computer science experts confirmed the findings for the AP.  While Google denies any wrong doing, The Daily News alike the AP, was able to confirm one obvious problem:  merely opening apps like Maps.  Takes a snapshot of where...
Google ‘s getting pretty invasive in the United States
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Google ‘s getting pretty invasive in the United States

As a whole, Google already has pretty much entire access to data over every American in the United States. Let's discuss. Google has approximate access to more than 70% of user data in the United States, that, includes recorded  debit and credit sales across the United States.   Google announced Wednesday that they've got a new gadget that reportedly allows them to further push content ads from merchants to users who now visit their brick-and-mortar stores. Google explained the device in a rather typical Google way "Our new tool isn't invasive towards user privacy in any way, other, than the usual direction in which we go to better our user experiences across our platforms including the way our advertisements and those of our partners are delivered" a statement reads provided to T...
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