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Exclusive: Goo Hara ‘s final moments were “agonized” by the tremendous pressure from Instagram

In the hours following Hara 's heartbreaking and tragic death, many poured their hearts and condolences into social media hoping that it lifts those to her up. Now sources are out with even more heartbreaking news about the 28-year-old singers' final moments. Sources tell the Daily News that Hara was "receiving an unbelievable number of comments on Instagram (some hateful some not some downright evil). She couldn't handle it. Months ago, it began taking such a toll on her she felt she had to put on a brave face if she dare wanted to even attempt her own comeback." The news comes amid revelations that South Korea is doing much to nothing for their own amid battles between K-Pop idols and the demons in which they are forced to face every day: fame. K-Pop idols have become som...

Another death rattles K-Pop to the core

SEOUL ---   K-Pop has found itself in the midst of yet another death in less than a year. According to South Korean police,  Goo Hara was found dead in her home in Seoul over the weekend.   Police say that her last message to the world was an Instagram post on Saturday that essentially said "Good Night." Over the  past year, K-Pop stars have found themselves under tremendous pressure.
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