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Womens Rights

GoDaddy is terminating sites that help Texans report each other for getting or receiving abortions

Prolifewhistleblower.com is no more. Just hours after the site went up -- it has been taken down by GoDaddy itself after the host determined that it should've never happened. According to reports, GoDaddy announced that the site violated its privacy rules about sharing and or posting personally identifiable information about another person. “Last night we informed prolifewhistleblower.com they have violated GoDaddy’s terms of service and have 24 hours to move to a different provider,” CNBC reports. The site was notorious from the jump due to the fact that the site quite literally tried to share information about other people. But instead it was actually spammed by fake etips; Redditors, and essentially the army of the internet. The owner of the site has been given 24 hours to ch...
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