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Judge issues order demanding to know why Ghislaine Maxwell is being “mistreated” in prison

Ghislaine Maxwell apparently isn't faring well in prison and now a judge wants to know why. According to Judge Allison J. Nathan, an order has been issued demanding to know why Maxwell is the subject of flashing lights in her cell when she has shown no signs of trying to take her life. Court documents, per multiple reports, also note that Maxwell 's infamous bruise is capturing allot of attention. In photographs published with the documents Maxwell is seen with a bruise under her eye. Though nobody is quite sure how she got it and she says guards are trying to punish her for it. Docs show that Maxwell was allegedly asleep when it happened but did not know how it happened. The government must now explain themselves to Judge Nathan though it is unclear how they intend to do so....
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Startling new photos of Ghislaine Maxwell surface online expanding her association with Bill Clinton

Photos that evidently probably were meant to be concealed forever. According to the New York Post, photographs of Ghislaine Maxwell inside the White House have emerged. You read that right. The Post reports that the photographs appear to have emerged from the Clinton library and feature both Epstein and Maxwell inside the coveted White House. It paints an even darker picture of just how vast Maxwell 's influence really is among the world -- leading many to question just how many prolific people Maxwell really had in her crosshairs. The Post has more.

Ghislaine Maxwell has plead not guilty to additional sex trafficking charges

Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell. is back in the news again. As it was widely reported a few weeks ago, additional charges of alleged sex trafficking were brought against history's most notorious madame. On Friday, Maxwell finally was granted her day in court though set herself up for what is poised to be a ginormous failure. Maxwell reportedly arrived in the New York courtroom with hair past her shoulders; in a blue prison outfit, and shackled by the ankles. Multiple reports note that Maxwell spoke only to waive her right to read the indictment against her and to speak privately to her attorney. Her attorney read aloud for her that she intended to plead not guilty. Maxwell 's entire future hangs in the balance now that prosecutors have her on federal charges. Since ...
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Ghislaine Maxwell is now facing two new charges likely sealing her fate forever

Former pimp Ghislaine Maxwell is facing two new federal charges in the United States that reportedly bring her rapsheet to 8 total charges. A complete list of charges that likely will put her away for the rest of her life if she is actually convicted — granted she doesn’t suddenly supply the prosecution with tangible information related to anyone else. The AP reports that Maxwell is this time accused of grooming two additional minors that were believed to be around 13-14 years old at the time. Court papers show that she played an integral role in the grooming of the minors who alike others have not been formally identified even as adults. This time prosecutors allege that the attacks happened between 2001 and 2004 at Epstein ‘s since sold Palm Beach residence.
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Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother claims she’s being tortured

Ghislaine Maxwell's time in prison apparently amounts to torture according to the BBC. Maxwell's brother Ian claimed to the network that after visiting Maxwell in prison he found that her water was brown and that her food was inedible. It is unclear if the prison has actually acknowledged or attempted to clarify the claims. Allegedly the conditions have been that way since July though prison officials are neither confirming or denying the reports.
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Once again Ghislaine Maxwell has been denied bail even risking all of her assets

Assets that are widely and largely believed to be worth millions although they weren't enough to spring her from jail. According to reports, a U.S judge has once again denied Maxwell 's bail application because prosecutors have substantially proved that she is indeed a flight risk. Fed Judge Alison Nathan, per CNBC, ultimately ruled that Maxwell 's own status as a former wealthy British socialite is enough to keep her behind bars. Wealth; power, multiple passports, and other factors all led to the latest denial. This means that Maxwell likely will spend the rest of her pre-trial time in prison awaiting actual trial scheduled to begin sometime in the next year or so. It is otherwise pretty odd that someone accused of such heinous crimes has been allowed to go without trial for s...

Ghislaine Maxwell and hubby are aiming to post upwards of $30M bail: Report

Ghislaine Maxwell not only is actually married but apparently is desperately gunning to get out of prison. According to reports, Maxwell and her hubby Scott are preparing to ask a judge if they can pony up $30m in bail monies to secure her bail before Christmas. It wasn’t previously fully known that Maxwell was indeed married or to what extent exactly. Scott will have to reportedly pony up upwards of $20m or so but if Maxwell bails he will be out insane amounts of money. Reports claim that Scott ‘s personal security figure could be as high as $25m. He has been identified as Scott Borgensen her registered husband that she concealed from the public. Apparently the two plan to return to their massive home over in Manchester by the Sea.

New grim details surface about Ghislaine Maxwell ‘s life on the glamorous lam

Ghislaine Maxwell -- no longer the world's most wanted woman after being arrested in New Hampshire had quite the life on the lam. Multiple reports have surfaced since her arrest that revealed she's stowed away millions in accounts; had a dirty dealing with Epstein, and may have procured girls in at least 6 countries and counting. Fears over conspiracy (but likely very real) plots to have her killed are mounting, however, they're unconfirmed at this point. Maxwell was for years apparently secretly loaded. Federal prosecutors now claim that on top of the shockingly vast criminal enterprise she allegedly helped run alongside Epstein --- they now believe there may be a much-larger financial crime on the bill here. According to prosecutors, they believe that beginning in 2007 Ep...
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Report: Queen Elizabeth II knew Ghislaine Maxwell was and had been on palace grounds

DAMNING new reports are out today as it has emerged that Ghislaine Maxwell has had a much more cushier relationship with Buckingham Palace than originally thought. According to numerous outlets, Maxwell "thoroughly enjoyed palace luncheons; hanging out around the grounds, and had spent at least one recent summer within birds-eye view of the Queen 's bedroom window." The claims come from Met officer Paul Page, who, had once reportedly served as a partial security guard for Prince Andrew. Page told numerous outlets Sunday night that he had first become aware of Maxwell as early as 2000. Speaking to the Mirror, Page revealed that when he first heard of Maxwell he was ordered to leave her name off of guest entry books. That struck a chord considering Page didn't seem to understa...

Ex U.S Navy Seals are guarding Ghislaine Maxwell: Report

The world 's most wanted pimp remains on the run; in hiding, and is now believed to be under 24/7 guard by former U.S Navy Seals and their enablers.   According to the New York Post, credible information has been discovered revealing that Maxwell is well guarded by security amid fears for her life. "She is sometimes in the UK, but most often in other countries, such as Israel, where her powerful contacts have provided her with safe houses and protection." sources told the Post over the weekend.        

Ghislaine Maxwell under FBI probe – Report

Looks like the feds are coming for Maxwell. According to Reuters, two law enforcement sources confirmed on Friday that the authorities are closing in on Maxwell. One source confirmed to the US publication that she “is the main focus of the investigation as are the facilitators.” Maxwell has been in hiding since June.

The Hunt For The Elusive Ghislaine Maxwell

Socialite and heiress Ghislaine Maxwell is pictured She’s now one of the most notorious heiresses known to mankind — weirdly enough with nothing to do with her actual self but instead her sordid relationships. I’m talking about the elusive; heard but not seen Ghislaine Maxwell. As it seems, the apple certainly doesn’t fall far from thou tree. Maxwell for those that don’t know is the daughter of the equally mysterious (although deceased) scam artist Robert Maxwell. The woman wanted by authorities in two countries but for the love of god has evaded questioning and almost inevitable capture without as much as blinking an eyelash. Maxwell, an überconnected heiress, is wanted for questioning in connection to claims that she helped disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein procure his under...
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Wireimage Or so is scheduled to do so in "days" according to several reports. According to numerous reporters, Jeffrey Epstein 's ex-madame Ghislaine Maxwell is preparing to "defend" herself for the first time. The New York Post reports that Maxwell may very well "communicate" with the FBI or simply make a statement to the media. Sources told The Sun that Maxwell alike Andrew 'has no memory' of the now infamous and very obvious photograph of the two with Virginia. The photo is very real and is in no way photoshopped, which makes it very hard to imagine how they couldn't have any recollection of it. She has to defend herself. She has no option,” the source said. “Ghislaine is preparing to speak — whether by talking to the FBI or giving a statement to the media.”
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Report: Ghislaine Maxwell has been secretly living in a Boston mansion

  BOSTON --  Ghislaine Maxwell has been living the high and mighty life in quite the posh manner.  In a bombshell report for the Daily Mail,   reporters revealed that Maxwell has been discovered to be living in Boston (which sources hinted at when they confirmed to us that Epstein's body has been picked up by an unknown associate). That same report revealed some new details about Maxwell's 3-year-time in seclusion. She's dating a tech CEO by the name of Scott Borgerson. Borgerson has been seen walking Maxwell 's dog on a number of occasions Maxwell still herself has not been publicly seen in years. She's become a real homebody, rarely ventures out. She's the antithesis of the woman who traveled extensively and partied constantly with Epstein,' said a source familiar with Maxw...
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