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The disheartening truth about George H.W Bush

While the world continues to "mourn" the loss of George H.W Bush, the 41st President of the United States -- we cannot be one of those papers that runs an obituary without an honest piece of information added to such an obituary.  While he may have been considered a great leader to some, to others, he was nothing short of an evil tyrant  that ignited the war on black people -- and essentially the fake war on drugs. Considerably,  George Bush could be remembered partially for a staged fake Lafayette Square drug-buy. By fake-drug buy, uh, we mean the fact that Bush knowingly ordered and staged DEA agents/feds to "buy" drugs from an unsuspecting black man. Let's go back specifically to 5 September 1989. On that day, Bush,  accessed the nation via a wide-ranging telecast addressing the s...
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