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Op-Ed: Gay men need to stop demanding tops, become, versatile

Gay relationships are now more accepted than ever before in America,  which, brings the  moment  for discussion as to how they will survive -- as people continue to get into them. Particularly, gay male relationships.   Gay male relationships are probably some of the most complex (given that you know: top/bottom, preferences, etc). So, let's discuss.   Recently,  I ran into  an old friend who (I had thought was still with his partner from about two or so years ago).  Little did I know, that "Bobby"  wasn't actually with him anymore --  even though on more than one occasion they seemed absolutely perfect for each other.   I ran into Bobby for the first time in Atlanta  at an expo last weekend (in about a year or so since I had seen him). We instantly clicked.   We had so much to catch...
Why I will never let another man “Top” me

Why I will never let another man “Top” me

At least, again.   For the first  time when I was about 22 (earlier this year) I tried the whole "Bottom" deal as an openly homosexual man.  I was tired of the "Don't knock it until you try it" and the inevitable avoidance from men who wanted nothing to do with me because I had only ever been a "top". I hated and liked it all at the same time, but it's not something I'd ever do again. I remember the moment entirely, Max we'll call him,  was a rather fair-skinned skinny guy.  He was awfully attractive, but, a part of me just wasn't into it (fully, like he had hoped) because I absolutely refuse to allow a man to have any kind of control over me in that way. It is, by far, an absolute turn off. Being 22, I suppose, the reason why I did it was curiousness and exploration two things I'm n...
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