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Why I will never let another man “Top” me

Why I will never let another man “Top” me

At least, again.   For the first  time when I was about 22 (earlier this year) I tried the whole "Bottom" deal as an openly homosexual man.  I was tired of the "Don't knock it until you try it" and the inevitable avoidance from men who wanted nothing to do with me because I had only ever been a "top". I hated and liked it all at the same time, but it's not something I'd ever do again. I remember the moment entirely, Max we'll call him,  was a rather fair-skinned skinny guy.  He was awfully attractive, but, a part of me just wasn't into it (fully, like he had hoped) because I absolutely refuse to allow a man to have any kind of control over me in that way. It is, by far, an absolute turn off. Being 22, I suppose, the reason why I did it was curiousness and exploration two things I'm n...
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