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The WH has abandoned its plan to kick thousands off of food stamps in the U.S (at least for now)

The somewhat good news in America this week and it has made our stories of the week list. Over the past week, the Trump Administration learned that its draconian rule that would've killed thousands off of food stamps has been placed on hold, potentially for the foreseeable future. According to a ruling by District Court Judge Beryl Howell ruled that to do such during a global pandemic pretty much would've run afoul of everything that America stands for. As a result, the rule change will not go into play on 1 April. The Department of Agriculture has since refused to confirm (and confusingly) deny as to whether or not they'll appeal the decision. And then came a statement from the department on the matter and the readying of an appeal. A  spokesperson told the Associated Press t...
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The Trump administration is still fighting to gut food stamps, announces a new rule

The Trump administration knows no bounds to its cruel and unusual tactics to target working-class Americans and those who need a little extra assistance. On Wednesday, the administration announced a new rule that now limits how states can exempt people from work requirements and the like in order to actually receive food stamps. 2019 statistics show that food stamps currently help more than 36million American households put food on their tables and in their kitchens.  But since Trump took office,  removing that safety net has been a straight-forward priority from the start. The rule is reportedly one of 3 on the horizon that per the government aim to "save the government money" but largely and almost totally target people who actually need the program to help their families. I feel like...
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A warning to Food Stamp/Benefit Recipients in America

  But it's a  telling sign that grim times may be ahead for millions who depend on said programs to get by.   Today we confirmed with multiple food stamp offices across America (including the "Human Resources Admin" in NYC) that the 17th marked the arrival of "February Benefits" for millions. "This is not an added extra, these, are benefits for February. People who get them early will not get them again until March" reads part of an e-mail received by The Daily News.   The e-mail continues to disclose that the agency's tasked with handling those benefit programs, are in fact, scrambling to figure out what is next. The Daily News has confirmed that no where in America is anyone set to get their benefits in March, as, agencies are unsure if the government shutdown will continue. As ...
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