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The internet is shocked to learn that Vera Wang is 70

Because well with that kind of money; workout regimen, and people to do things for you -- you can look like that at 70. On Instagram over the weekend, the iconic fashion designer posted a series of photos that had the world shocked to learn that she is 70. But literally, Wang looks fantastic for 70. Vera Wang's age-defying appearance has the internet buzzing.Instagram
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Miley Cyrus made a surprise appearance at the much-betrothed #NYFW

Taking away the limelight from the wanna-bes and the hipsters -- American pop singer Miley Cyrus randomly popped up on the Marc Jacobs runway this year during NYFW. Cyrus not only walked the runway, but quite literally outwalked professional models. Miley Cyrus made a surprise appearance on the Marc Jacobs runway to close out New York Fashion Week on Wednesday. Getty Images

Here are the 2020 #Oscar winners

A list chalked full of only the winners... no really. Rotating list updating as they come in. Actor in a supporting role Brad Pitt — Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Tom Hanks, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Al Pacino, The Irishman Joe Pesci, The Irishman Anthony Hopkins, The Two Popes

Janelle Monae ‘s #Oscars outfit is disco-ball fashion ready

Truthfully one of my favourite celebs to watch on the red carpet is definitely Janelle Monae. Time and time again, Monae has proven that not only does she have taste -- but that she also clearly has people that work for her that understand how to dress her. At the Oscars red carpet, the stunning singer and actress appeared in a literal disco-ball like silvery number. I think Monae is one of the few that can top herself each time she steps onto the red carpet. Her Grammy's outfit was equally stunning but this is by far one of her best as of late this year. Photo Credits: David Fisher/Shuttershock Images Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock (10544110er) Janelle Monae 92nd Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 09 Feb 2020Mandatory Credit: Photo by...
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Beyoncé SPIRIT Visuals

Each time the Queen does something. It is of the utmost quality and that is with a capital Q. Spirit in the past 72 hours has amassed 15 million views on Youtube. The song hits hard while the fashion visuals are in part thanks to Beyonce's personal stylist and wardrobe coordinator Zerina Akers. Here is a rundown of Spirits fashion visuals. Look 1: Beyoncé in Valentino’s Spring 2019 collection paired with a latex dress from Venus Prototype. Look 2: Beyoncé wears a dress a custom pearl beaded dress from Brazilian designer Alexandrine, made with more than 18,000 beads. The dress is paired with a custom cowrie shell harness by Laurel DeWitt. Her blue fringe jumpsuit is also by Laurel DeWitt. Look 3: Beyoncé wears a fringe coat by Hyun Mie Nielsen from the designer’s Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear co...

Penelope Cruz is the new face of Chanel – Trending This Week

The ever-so-gorgeous Penelope Cruz  has a new gig, and, she's now the face of Chanel.  According to the iconic fashion house,  the American Crime actress has been chosen as both the face of their cruise campaign and their latest brand ambassador.    It's no secret over the years that Cruz has been "pretty much after a gig at Chanel" and now she has it per reports. Cruz's first appearance for Chanel began in 1999 during one of their fashion shows, and, of course her most memorable Chanel-clad appearance was at Broken  Embraces in the 2000's.  The announcement came as Cruz attended a Haute Couture Chanel show in Paris this week to mark her formal appearance as the ambassador to Chanel. “It’s such an iconic brand and Karl is a genius, and I’ve been admiring everything he’s done sinc...

The Death of an Icon: Legendary fashion designer Givenchy, 91, has died

PARIS --  Last night, on a  regular night in Paris,   Huber De Givenchy said his final goodbyes to the fashion world.    Early this morning,    Givenchy 's fashion house confirmed that the iconic designer died in his sleep at the age of 91.   For more than 40 years, he had been living with his partner Phillip inside a Chateau just outside of Paris. Givenchy, was perhaps best known for dressing some of his legendary gal pals (and the creation of The Little Black Dress).   Among his famous pals were, ehum, Audrey Hepburn;  and Jaqueline Kennedy-Onassis.   Perhaps one of the more modern memories of Givenchy that most will have,   is actually,  the Little Black Dress worn by Hepburn in the 1961 film  Breakfast at Tiffanys'. Outside of Hepburn, he was also known for Kennedy 's dress choic...
Model Liliana  Bogart  photographed with newspaper publisher SHK

Model Liliana Bogart photographed with newspaper publisher SHK

Model Liliana Bogart, 17, is pictured with British newspaper publisher and media magnate SHK at the opening of  New York Fashion Week in Manhattan on 9 February 2018. For photo requests and permissions e-mail: sk@bazaardaily.co.uk.  The Daily News owns all permissions and copyrights to these photos.   These are exclusive pictures taken by  The Daily News. Be sure to check out Miss Bogart in this summer's issue of 20 Teens Doing the Damn Thing: Models v Influencers to be published 25 June 2018 by Sultan Khane in New York City.
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Gram slam

Gram Slam: Oh what a night It’s not time for the NBA but there were some major dunks at the 60th annual grammy awards. Now for the sake of pure love, we didn’t know which to cover the actual grammys or or (drum roll please) Uncle Jay Z's “Roc Nation Brunch” I mean did Mrs. Bey not slay? Sips cup, Do we know if Uncle Kanye was in the building? Yes so many things to go over and with me as your writer , things are going to go pretty fast, I mean even faster than the switch up Miley Cyrus gave us, doing simple black Jean Paul Gaultier black jumpsuit. Lord knows we were proud parents over here at Bazaar Daily. We wouldn’t been right if the disney princess would have showed out and showed up in one of her usuals. Maybe she has a boyfriend now. Either way we loved the simplicity paired with...
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Mom of boy pictured in racially insensitive H&M ad says “There’s No Issue Here”

The highly insensitive ad that has probably ruined H&M, ehum, apparently isn't all that bad after all. Ehum, at least according to one particular person -- the mother of the boy pictured in the ad to begin with. Terry Mango apparently feels that her son has modeled hundreds of unusual outfits, so, there is no reason to cry wolf at this one.  Meanwhile, H&M continues to lose sponsors and major events including one of our own: SHK 's annual party.
Journalist Sultan Khan gets turned into lifesize doll
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Journalist Sultan Khan gets turned into lifesize doll

Our very own Sultan Khan has made way into the doll world.  Designed by Atlanta resident Casey Lee Dash (pictured to the left) has designed numerous digital dolls in his collection, and, is adding even more. Go check out his Instagram and be sure to hit that follow button. Dolls by Dash on Instagram
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