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Hold up..

Chinese journalist caught trying to spin a story about a man on fire

Everybody knows I love being nosy especially when it comes to my work; news stories, and whether or not something is actually real.  In the case of a video of a man allegedly purposely being set on fire in Hong Kong, uh, it isn't quite real despite what a Global Times reporter suggests in her tweets. The video (second below) sees a man indeed being set on fire, however,  we've learned that they were not actual rioters taking part in the riots across Hong Kong. Instead, they are actually real people performing what we believe to be an intentional stunt.  The man in the video is confirmed to actually be a professional stunt actor. Witnesses to this video confirmed that someone with a fire extinguisher was nearby. https://twitter.com/qingqingparis/status/1193769978740146176 https://twitte...
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