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Woman whose affairs rocked Britain dies

LONDON -- A woman whose sexual trysts rocked Britain during the 20th century, ehum, is dead.  Christine Keeler, 75, who was best unfortunately known for the Profumo affairs passed away peacefully in her home. Now, let's go back into what she was best remembered for. In 1961, a then 19-year-old  Keeler was a young and beautiful cabaret dancer.  At the time, Tory cabinet minister   John Profumo was quick to make his attempt at Keeler -- despite the fact he was married with children. But it didn't stop there.   All the while  engaging in an extramarital affair with Profumo,  Keeler, also engaged in an even riskier affair with Russian military attache Yevgeny Ivanov.   Keeler tried hard in the decades after her affairs, to, ehum,  distance herself  from the affairs. But, it didn't wo...
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