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El Chapo ‘s wife has completely turned on him admits to being a co-conspirator in his legendary prison break

El Chapo may be behind bars but his name is still garnering headlins around the world. According to federal prosecutors in the United States, Emma (Chapo ‘s wife) has confessed to being a key figure in his famous 2015 escape. She has also reportedly confessed to almost every part of being a co-caption in the drug cartel that made Chapo a household name to begin with. Officials report that Emma Coronel Aispuro is set to be sentenced in September and may face up to 11 years though likely will serve far less time. Per terms of her deal, Aispuro will be given leniency as provided by the prosecutors so long as she assists in further investigations. Chapo himself remains in federal prison in Colorado whereas he will die behind bars. Emma openly admitted to drug trafficking and mo...
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