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Conservatives, Johnson cruise to election victory: Reports

In a stunning reported victory, Boris Johnson and his conservative party have cruised to a landslide majority in Parliament. According to reports and polls as of this writing, Johnson and his party have managed to snag 368 seats of 650 required for a huge majority in government. The election victory for the Tories has led to the demand that Jeremy Corbyn step down, and rightfully so at this point. Corbyn has failed to secure a majority (twice now) and is actually just a bit out of touch with the Labour party as a whole. Although previously denied by Trump and Johnson -- the NHS is now up in the air and so is its future.
Trump, Clinton, make their case in final election op-eds
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Trump, Clinton, make their case in final election op-eds

It's the last day before America gets a new president, something, that most are probably ready to already know so the country can formally move beyond this. In dueling op-eds,  both American candidates made their final cases before election results are announced tomorrow.  On the Clinton side... Clinton vowed to make the biggest change and lasting investment in jobs since World War II. Also on the Clinton side, the Democratic nominee, vowed to invest in social security; infrastructure, better immigration plans, and keeping families together. Read Clinton's op piece, here. On the Trump question.... Trump has vowed to drain the swamp of corruption that has allowed "people like Clinton to commit so many acts of crime". In other Trump comments, he, perhaps, stood by his remark...
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