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Shocking new secret about the NSA revealed: Top Story

The NSA hasn't truly been in the news for a while, but this time, it is back in the news for a shocking uptick  in one particular area of its work. A report has surfaced online  indicating that the NSA dramatically increased their number of collected records last year, compared, to the year before. In 2016, per the report, they collected about 150m phone records from nearly all of the major telecom providers in the United States.  But in 2017,  ehum, the report revealed that more than 530m  phone records from providers like Verizon and AT&T were collected secretly.   The news comes just four years after   the NSA's top secret spy program was revealed by former government contractor Edward Snowden. After the then infamous leak,  the NSA, had its powers briefly limited. Although, i...
A second Edward Snowden has emerged from the dark realms of the NSA
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A second Edward Snowden has emerged from the dark realms of the NSA

If one thing is for certain about the United States, the United States loves to spy but can't seem to keep itself from being spied on. According to federal officials, a second "Edward Snowden"  has been arrested in connection to what is believed to be the theft of thousands of American secrets bequeathed to another American spy. Federal investigators say that 51-year-old Harold Martin III a security contractor for the American government and the NSA reportedly boarded thousands of government grade secrets over the course of a decade. Those secrets, per defense officials, are highly classified and could bring a severe national security threat to the American people. Interestingly, Martin, reportedly worked with the tailored access operations unit, if that sounds funnny don't b...
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