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What Does The Future Hold For The Education Industry?

The more we change, the more we need to adapt our education system to embrace technology. Despite what many people think, classroom tech doesn’t make you lazy or distracted. It engages you at a different level. If education providers want to keep up-to-date with the growing demands of the 21st century, they need to start using technology to their advantage. Many tech trends are currently shaping the future of the education industry. We must be resilient and leverage them. But what does the future holds for the education industry? Let’s find out.  Connectedness The image we have of teachers standing in front of students in the classroom is something from the past. The future of education embraces connectivity and reciprocity. Kids will no longer be a passive group sitting in ...
Hi, I’m an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Graduate

Hi, I’m an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Graduate

As a result of the Trump Administration plan to cut back in education. I'd like to take a moment to share my educational journey thus far. Everything I learned, academically, from since I could remember up until the tenth grade was utterly destroyed in a matter of a couple weeks. I was chosen to be apart of the IB program and in its first two weeks what I thought I knew about education, academics, and being a A student quickly changed. The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) is for students aged 16-19. It is not for lazy students, at all. There was about three students that took AP (advance placement) courses and by some circumstance also took a few IB courses. They said it was “10 times harder.” I took it because I heard 33 free college credits and oh boy- did I f...
Trump Administration​ To Cut Billions From Education
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Trump Administration​ To Cut Billions From Education

The White House under the Trump administration wants a 12% cut in Educational funding, which translates to roughly $7.1 Billion gone. Poof. Vanish. Education no more.  While congress opposes this budget proposal, the Trump administration surely will find a way to get a measure of their wants fulfilled.  This news is quite troubling, as someone who has been greatly fortunate to attend a college the access to the knowledge I’ve acquired is laying an essential framework for my future. I imagine countless other students who would strongly oppose any cuts to education, as it is already it’s tough and to add undue stress to the building blocks of success is heartless. The details on Trumps Administration cut to education proposal includes  -The federal government ...
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Noella Fe Says…. Why Not an HBCU?

 Why don't African Americans send their children to HBCUs? This article has been written a thousand times over. At the very moment of editing, floods of tweets came in from the students at Hampton University. The outrage came after the Town Hall's yearly meeting. So many tweets of tired students not getting the attention needed to address issues within the student body and campus as a whole poured all over twitter. I felt lifted uncannily. I wasn't sure if it was the passion in which the students held for their school, or if it was the drive they carried to improve campus life at Hampton. All colleges go thru some problems and understand that many HBCU's just don't have the money to cover up the mishandlings. Hampton isn't the only school going thru rough patches but is enough that black ...
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