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My Dad left my Mom for his brother but then left his brother for her cousin and now they’re married

Editors Note: This guest column contains references to incest relationships which are controversial, thus, still somewhat common today. The views contained in this guest editorial do not represent the views of The Daily News or its editorial staff. In some parts of the world and the U.S incest is still very much illegal -- while in others it is alive and well. You could easily argue that my relationship with my father has always been controversial. His family is from the backwoods of America, indeed, the part of the country where they believe almost anything told to them so long as it came from a white person in power. He has always had some twisted views on the world, notably, that anyone who isn't white likely doesn't come from earth and if they do they should be imprisone...
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Guest Column: I survived homelessness in NYC, but here’s what I want people to know

Editors note: The following column is a guest column from a guest-user who has asked not to be identified because they have since managed to get their life together and do not want the attention this article would otherwise bring. The individual, identified only as John Doe, is 24 and survived homelessness in as they say ('the hellhole that is New York City'.) The views expressed in this article are not endorsed by The Daily News or its editorial writers. If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness in New York City, please call 3-1-1 for a referral to a crisis centre. I fell homeless when I was all but 21. My boyfriend that I had been with for about 3 years suddenly began cheating on me; turned violent, and abrasive after I had caught him in enough lies that it...
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