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Political donor Ed Buck has been found guilty in at least 2 deaths of innocent Black men that he illegally drugged in his home

Ed Buck the now infamous and very creepy Democratic political donor has been found guilty on all 9 counts related to the deaths and subsequent homicides of two Black men that took place in his home. It is, however, worth noting that they weren’t at all your typical deaths in almost any shape or manner. It was widely previously reported that Buck had a fetish for what is known as “Party & Play” (in some communities, particularly the gay community in this sense, party and play is a popularized term for drug use during sexual activity.) The charges of possessing controlled substances which there are at least two of them carry 20 years each. Not including the charges for their deaths; assaults, and non-consensual recordings — Ed Buck is expected to die in federal prison. He wi...
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Creepy pedo killer Ed Buck is back in the headline news

Wealthy Dem donor Ed Buck (whom we've detailed numerous times in this newspaper) is preparing to stand trial for bizarre crimes and the death of multiple African American men in the Hollywood area. Buck, 65, is accused of drugging and assaulting numerous men after they were invited into his private Hollywood area apartment. Interestingly, Buck 's legal team has now one very familiar face. According to documents filed, Christoper Darden, 63, has signed on to represent Buck. For those that may be a little young, Darden is best known for having represented Orinthal J. Simpson in the murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her associate. We'll be covering this trial as it officially kicks off.
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