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Bizarre moment Trump ‘s “wink” at Putin captured on cameras in Helinski

Apparently  coy-quirky winks are a new thing, ehum, at least if you're Donald Trump and Vladamir Putin. In Finland this week, Trump,    appeared to  be sending Putin a "mixed signal" of sorts after he was caught giving Putin a wink during a meeting before their upcoming private meeting. In a super-bizarre exchange, uh, the two leaders sat before the world (and posed for photos)  exclaiming that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia during the elections. And, uh further, that "the Democrats had begun the witch-hunt into Russia and therefore it had become one of the many reasons  the relationship between the two countries had become so tense".  
Donald Trump to meet Vladamir Putin next week in Germany

Donald Trump to meet Vladamir Putin next week in Germany

And that comes amid still renewed discussions of Russia's alleged collusion in the 2016 Presidential Elections. According to Trump official  HR McMaster apparently was quoted Thursday as confirming that Trump would be meeting Vladamir Putin "(for the first time)" at the G-20 summit next month in Germany. Officials say that there is no particularly set agenda for the meeting, although, Trump has requested a "list of deliverables" that can be given to Putin during the meeting.   Those deliverables, perhaps,  are "among the forgiving type, something, that Trump hopes will trigger Russia to behave better". In other news, Trump and Russia for some time have been at odds.  The two country's have reportedly been at odds over  health;  healthcare, and the current politically climate. &nbs...
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