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Shocking allegations again surface in case of R. Kelly as lurid details of attempt to marry Aaliyah are made public

R. Kelly ‘s case continued on Friday and even more lurid allegations surfaced against the predator disgraced singer. On Friday, it emerged through testimony that R. Kelly bribed an Illinois government official with $500 to help him get a fake ID and marriage license for Aaliyah. The man, Demetrius Smith, testified in open court that in the 90 ‘s Aaliyah was understood to have been pregnant at the time by R. Kelly (although that is not entirely clear.) Smith then went on to testify that Kelly had moved on a fake I.D and license to protect ‘himself and Aaliyah’ from the inevitable backlash that would’ve followed had the news actually gotten out. In case it couldn’t get any worse for Kelly, Smith, also testified that after the two met in 1992 things grew increasingly uncomforta...
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