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The controversy at the Grammy’s just deepened

The controversy over the ousting of former Grammy president Deborah Dugan now sounds like something straight out of a limited T.V series plot. Documents published online on Wednesday indicate that the Grammy 's Academy has some serious explaining to do, especially considering this is not the first time that the Academy has been accused of corruption. Discrimination complaints filed by Dugan claim that the Academy A) discriminated against her as its President and B) has a rigged nominations process that isn't fair for all and only some. And then... shit hit the fan and fast. According to at least two parts of the complaint, Dugan maintains that after historically entering the job she was harassed by the Grammy 's top lawyer Joel Katz. Katz, for those who don't know, has b...
Grammy’s Chief suspended over sexual misconduct claims

Grammy’s Chief suspended over sexual misconduct claims

Deborah Dugan is pictured Days ahead of the 2020 Grammys ceremony, the ceremony is without a President. On Friday, the Academy confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that Deborah Dugan has been suspended amid an investigation into an assault claim made last year that just now made wind to officials. It appears that the accuser is actually a senior member of the Academy but wasn’t officially named in formal complaints. Editors Correction: 17 January 2020 - 1:03 pm EST Following the publication of this report, we were made aware of an apparent memo that Dugan had been flouting around the Academy and to HR. The memo purportedly revealed financial mismanagement; differences, wage differences, sketchy voting practices, and foul behaviour among members of the Academy. Two separat...
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