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Father of alleged David Beckham mistress DENIES she ever even met him

Looks like here's the proof we've all been waiting for. According to the father of the woman allegedly behind the Beckham divorce, she, has  never actually met the handsome Beckham himself.  The Mirror reports that the woman, whom we won't name, appears to be a victim in a bizarre internet hoax gone horribly wrong. David and Victoria themselves staunchly denied reports of a divorce,  ehum,  considering they've been married for almost 20 years.    Initially,  photos and the name of the woman appeared on social media indicating that she was pregnant (allegedly) by Beckham. The woman's father reportedly went on to reveal in an interview with The Mirror that she "happily lives with her boyfriend and has never even met David"  and now "has been forced to suspend all of her social media ac...
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