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Kickstarter investigating doomed drone
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Kickstarter investigating doomed drone

It has been hailed as one of the biggest Kickstarter scams, well, ever. But the case of a doomed drone that appeared on the crowdfunding site, er, has people talking.  For starters, the questionable Welsh company Torquing Group, apparently created a mini drone like piece of hardware -- that never actually quite worked. A little backstory. In the beginning, the Kickstarter campaign promised a massive mini drone that presumably does what one might expect it to do. However, the first problem arose when pre-orders went out first instead of actual big-ticket donors getting their prize first. In the original campaign, Torquing, perhaps, squashed its $175,00 funding goal by hauling in nearly $3.3m.  In the words of one Consumerist columnist, 'overfunding at its best'. Consumerist notes tha...
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