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Dying hubby stabbed wife of 35 years in the head because she brought him a cup of tea

THE DAILY STAR is out this weekend with a bizarre story of a man apparently dying of cancer, but, on his way presumably out decided to off his wife because she brought him tea. The Star reports that the man apparently was groteqsuely offended by the move although nobody’s quite sure why as it doesn’t make sense. Magistrates heard how the wife had to have hospital treatment (Image: PA Archive/PA Images) The crazy person has been identified as George Anderson from the Belfast area. The unusual story apparently emerged out of Belfast where the 60-year-old man faces charges including attempted murder and possession of a deadly weapon. It is further unclear what else may have provoked the unwarranted attack.
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Mary Kay Letourneau, the teacher who raped and then married her own student has died

Mary Kay Letourneau, the infamous teacher who initially raped a 12-year-old student and then eventually married him has died of cancer. According to reports, Letourneau died at her home of natural causes. Mary Letourneau, 43, and her fiance Vili Fualaau, 22, enter their home on May 8, 2005 in the Seattle suburb Normandy Park, WA. Letourneau spent more than 7 years in jail for having sex with Fualaau when he was her 12-year old student, and the two have announced plans to wed this May. (Photo by Ron Wurzer/Getty Images) The perverted teacher went on to have two kids with her former student, although he filed for divorce in 2017.
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In death of Texas toddler, CPS now investigating

The Daily News was among the first to bring you the news of the death of Sherin Mathews, who, was found dead last month near her family's home.  Mathews,  was found dead days after having disappeared from her backyard, where, she had been forced to go for not drinking more milk at the orders of her adopted father. The revelation of notification to CPS of possible child abuse reportedly came from a doctor. During a hearing this week,  Dr. Suzanne Dakil,  testified in open court that she notified CPS at least twice that Mathews was in danger. In her testimony, she cited that during at least two examinations she found bruises and welts on the child that indicated she was being abused.   After the reported discovery, Dakil, testified that she immediately notified CPS "because it appeared th...
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Teens responsible for Kenneth White ‘s murder had dark and murky past

According to multiple police reports;  published reports,  and some pretty shocking information posted online.   In reports published Wednesday,   it has been claimed that the four teenagers responsible for Kenneth White 's murder (they reportedly threw objects (including but not limited to rocks) threw his windshield  had a murky past with the same area in which they often threw objects off of a local bridge. All of the four teenagers, per reports, had thrown heavy objects off the bridge near where Kenneth was killed.  "They had this in their blood. It was something they did often, throwing things" reads one of the reports. Those teenagers have all been charged as adults, and, face life in prison without the possibility of parole.   According to court records, they've all been charged ...
Here are the owners of The Crowne Plaza Hotel Rosemont
Today in Chicago

Here are the owners of The Crowne Plaza Hotel Rosemont

  It's the question on everybody's mind. Who owns the Crowne Plaza? Enter:  David Friedman, of F&F Realty based in Chicago based (Skokie Area) Illinois (the identity of the manager is pending). Leaders in residential and commercial real estate management and development in the greater Chicago area, Skokie-based F & F Realty, Ltd., has been operating and managing residential and commercial real estate in the Chicago area since 1979. Founded by David M. Friedman, president and chief operating officer, the company has owned and managed thousands of apartment residences, executive office buildings and leading hotels. The owners have been identified, the manager has not. A once publicly available Facebook profile for someone who claimed to be the manager of the Crowne Plaza Hotel h...
Florida couple charged with more than 700 counts of sex abuse 

Florida couple charged with more than 700 counts of sex abuse 

Against children that is.  According to police documents obtained by the Daily News, Daniel and Jenise Spurgeon decided to go on a multi-state sexual escapades involving hundreds of children. Combined the couple was reportedly charged with upwards of 600 counts of sex crimes against children. As of this writing, they've been charged with approximately 703. Police reportedly busted the two after they repeated their sex crimes against their 11 children both biological; adopted, and foster in Alabama.  Reports show that the exact number of children involved outside of their own is actually unknown as of this writing. The crimes reportedly began in North Florence where the couple had lived until 2015, until they then relocated to Cape Coral in a bid to hide their crimes from auth...
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The Jilted Lover, and A Mexican Getaway

DALLAS -- Jilted love? Crazy ex-girlfriend? All of those come to mind when one reads about Brenda Delgado, who, was wanted for the murder of Kendra Hatcher last September.  Delgado, was apparently "viciously jealous" of  Hatcher's relationship with her former beau Ricardo Paniagua. According to Mexican authorities,  Delgado, had reportedly been on the run in Torreon, Coahuila  Mexico for more than six months. Mexican authorities reportedly stopped Delgado after witnesses in the city spotted her following being placed on the FBI's Most  Wanted List. Delgado, was famously put on the FBI's Most Wanted List: As Only the 9th Woman Ever to be Placed on the list. 'The FBI is extremely appreciative of our law enforcement partners in Mexico, as well as our local, state, and federal par...
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