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The story about the man accused of dismembering his tech CEO boss just keeps getting weirder

The murder of Fahim Saleh just keeps getting weirder and grimmer by the day. According to the New York Daily News, more details have emerged about the reported suspect Tyrese Haspil. Multiple reports are now reporting that the killing appears to be solely based on a very disturbed individual and the fact he had stolen large amounts of cash from Saleh. https://www.bazaardaily.co.uk/2020/07/police-louisiana-woman-shot-her-boyfriend-because-he-refused-to-argue-with-her/?utm_source=ReviveOldPost&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ReviveOldPost Read other crime related stories from The Daily News As we've previously reported before, Haspil had been caught by Saleh stealing upwards of $100,000 from Saleh after having had extensive access to his bank accounts. Instead of initiall...
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Body of teacher who bailed man out of jail found: Police

After an eerily gross find in  a vehicle during a routine stop.  According to Arizona state troopers,  the body of Cathryn Gorospe a local teacher has been found. Gorospe unusually and rather randomly bailed a 27-year-old man out of jail (without no knowledge of such to family or friends) and then wound up dead. Police say that Charlie Malzahn, 27,  apparently had what appears to be a "romantic relationship" of sorts with Gorospe. To what extent, however, police are still trying to figure out as Malzahn claims "he was high on meth for most of the time from his initial arrest up until  Gorospe actually wound up dead". Authorities were able to confirm that Monday,  Malzahn, was indeed arrested in Gorospe's vehicle.   Police did indeed find bloodstains on the interior which led to h...
Parole Board failed to look into OJ’s 1989 conviction before granting release
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Parole Board failed to look into OJ’s 1989 conviction before granting release

A conviction that likely would have kept the terrifying killer in prison.  According to the NCIC, a national database of criminal information and convictions, O.J Simpson had a 1989 battery conviction that nobody apparently knew about in Nevada.   The database shows (per a New York Times report)  that O.J. was convicted of battery against former wife Nicole Brown Simpson. Interestingly, the parole board in Nevada apparently didn't know about the conviction.   The Times discovered the conviction after digging deep into O.J's past, and then, made an inquiry to the Nevada  Parole Board.  The Parole Board denies any wrongdoing, and, says that even with the discovered conviction his parole being granted still doesn't change a thing: he's a free man.  
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