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An Australian woman has died allegedly after getting the COVID-19 vaccine: Report

Yet another puzzling report of COVID-19 vaccine frustrations has emerged. According to News.com.au, an unnamed elderly woman reportedly died this week just hours after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine down under. Many following the report began to question whether or not it was in fact safe to take the vaccine. Chief Medical Examiner Paul Kelly said  “at this stage there are no signs of any causal link,” the Australian Associated Press reported. “It can be expected that older and more frail people in an aged care setting may pass away due to progression of underlying disease or natural causes, this does not mean the vaccine has contributed to this,” he said.

The U.S’s first COVID-19 vaccine is here

In a unanimous decision — the FDA advisory board tasked with approving things like vaccinations has given its blessing. Shortly after 5pm EST, the advisory board confirmed publicly that the first round of vaccinations had been approved in the country’s question to conduct a mass vaccination programme. The U.S is now poised to begin vaccinations within days to certain demographics; older adults, and healthcare workers first. Some states will even beginning vaccinating prisoners first due to their overcrowding in the U.S’s horrible jail system. Ordinary Americans will likely have to wait until Spring or later for their chance at a vaccine. That doesn’t come without much discussion though. According to a recent study released this week, only about 25% of Black American adults ad...
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