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Cory Booker has failed to make the next Dem debate

As the new year inches closer -- it's becoming more and more clear which Dem candidates in the Presidential race will remain come election time. According to official reports, Booker 's campaign has failed to meet the necessary requirements for the upcoming Dem debate (but Yang did!.)

Mailed pipe bombs originated in Florida

According to The Department of Homeland Security. Per the Department, officials have discovered that some of the mailed packages originated in an Opa Locka mail facility in Florida. Officials believe that the packages originated there, and, ordered the facility evacuated as of Thursday. We've learned that during package origination -- all of the packages that they believe came from here were indeed full fledged pipe bombs (right down to the countdown timer). Meanwhile, it appears that the number of bombs sent has risen to 11. The Daily News has confirmed that a pipe bomb arrived in the mailbox of Senator Cory Booker.
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