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Not so fast: You may or may not have to have papers to booze say UK officials

With the UK set to begin testing events on how to get people back to somewhat normal of lives --- there are an equal number of reports suggesting vaccine passports are imminent. According to those reports, the government has cautioned that it is not yet fully clear whether or not pubs will be req'd to demand vaccine passports from patrons. That may or may not put a damper on some plans to immediately return to the pubs following the lifting of said lockdown restrictions. But there remains to be seen whether or not political uniformity will help the idea take hold. The Mail reports that Labour party members and even some Tories are likely going to come out against the idea. Alike their American counterparts, they're also branding the idea discriminatory and divisive.

The vaccinated anti masker attacks have begun: Watch

America has always had an entitled problem but those who appear to be vaccinated are a different breed. Out in San Francisco an Uber driver has found himself in the midst of headlines after being assaulted by his passengers. An assault they took place because they allegedly didn’t conform to the mask rules in his vehicle: Note: While mask mandates are being lifted, it does appear as a business that Uber still has mask mandates for its riders. The video has been widely circulated online after it was provided to a California based reporter who posted the shocking verbally laced footage. https://twitter.com/davenewworld_2/status/1369112642128863233?s=21 Uber has since confirmed that they’ve identified the riders and banned them — though we’ve also learned that after his ...
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Amid fears of a food shortage in the UK, France temporarily lifts the ban

Following fears that there could have been a widespread food shortage in the U.K, France appears to have come up off its ban on travelers to and from the country. According to the French government, the restriction on truck drivers entering the country has been temporarily lifted so long as a negative COVID test can be provided. The move comes as officials are battling reports of food running low in markets across the U.K and amid fears that it could get worse. In the coming days, testing sites are scheduled to pop up across popular routes that truck drivers use during their delivery routes. Since the weekend — some 2,800 reported carrier trucks were stranded and could not meet their demands.

Not so fast on that COVID-19 relief bill, Americans are getting bamboozled and bamboozled hard

The much discussed COVID-19 relief bill is about to be voted on but uh Americans might want to pay close attention to what we’re about to share with you. In the monster 5,000 page bill, it is abundantly clear that our American friends are getting played by the government. In the middle of a pandemic; arguments by the GOP that the small payments to Americans are already to generous, and one Mitch McConnell with his claims that such aren’t cost-effective — turns out there’s more to the story. According to the massive bill, there is quite literally billions of dollars going to foreign powers; Israel, Cambodia, an apparent Asian resource project (we’re not entirely sure what that actually is), and various other causes around the world. While that seems generous and all, perhaps, many ...
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COVID has stopped all travel from the U.K, here’s what you need to know

COVID-19 and reports of a new mutated strain in London have caused multiple countries to stop all travel from the U.K arriving on their soil. Germany; France, Italy (America?), and at least two more countries have all blocked incoming travel from the U.K. The block comes just hours after reports of a 70% more contagious mutated version of the Coronavirus. It is unclear how or when this version of the Coronavirus mutated or perhaps to what full extent it is actually mutated. The Eurotunnel Le Shuttle which straddles service between the U.K/France border has confirmed that the last train left shortly after 9:15pm local time tonight. All travel is suspended as of this writing. A running list so far of those that have blocked the U.K: Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Au...

2nd stimmy? Here’s what you need to know

Looks like after much hubub and bickering —- Congress has at least somewhat hashed out a temporary COVID-relief bill until a later date. According to multiple reports; Moscow Mitch, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office an initial agreed-to bill appears to be coming. In that bill are the following things headed to Americans: a 2nd stimulus check of $600 per eligible person, and an additional $300 a week in unemployment. The extended unemployment reportedly will last upwards of four months and will be revisited if the pandemic has not gotten under control at that time. It’s also worth noting that if the Democrats win the Senate future COVID-relief bills will likely look dramatically different. It appears that in part the GOP caved to $600 and additional weeks of unemployment beca...

A holiday letter from our family to yours

Dear friends; readers, supporters, and new readers, Each of you mean something to me. For almost my entire life, many of you have supported my then aspirations into being a blogger and what would become of my full fledged journalism career almost 20 years later. Almost 20 years and a college degree later, you could say that I’ve cemented parts of my career. This holiday season as many of us are alone; without our families (I sadly won’t be able to watch Christmas movies on repeat with my niece and nephew this year), I hope each of us can learn to appreciate what we have and what we have with those in which we love. 2020 has taught us that in the blink of an eye and against the backdrop(s) of governments that don’t care about us —- we are largely out here to survive on our...
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Instead of weekly benefits, Republicans want to give Americans $600 one more time and call it a day

As the battle for Coronavirus relief benefits continues in Washington Americans are still left to largely falter because some feel no more benefits are needed. That couldn’t be any furthest from the truth just weeks ahead of a mass expiration date for millions of people currently depending on those benefits. The latest hope for a Coronavirus relief bill may be partially dashed because Republicans and Donald Trump want to stop weekly unemployment benefits in exchange for a $600 one-off stimulus check. That would be the end of the relief on a literal financial aspect. However, that isn’t what is being proposed by a bypartisan group of politicians in Washington. Both sides previously just days ago had agreed on $300 weekly payments until April plus a host of other things. “Th...

Pfizer ‘s vaccine has been approved for distribution in the U.K

Beginning next week, the U.K is now set to get its rollout of Pfizer ‘s controversial COVID-19 vaccine. Last night, regulators and officials met at breakneck speeds for several hours determining how it will be distributed; to whom, and to what groups first. “The government has today accepted the recommendation from the independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to approve Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine for use,” the government said Wednesday. “The vaccine will be made available across the U.K. from next week.” Pfizer’s Chairman and CEO, Albert Bourla, said the authorization was a “historic moment.” It is unknown at this time who will get the two-dose vaccine first. The U.K will have enough vaccinations to vaccinate about a third of its 66m populat...

New map predicts 224,000 Americans will be dead from COVID-19 by November: Report

Editors note: We'd like to remind people that in no way are we trying to fear monger anyone or are we bought and paid for by Coronavirus campaign operatives. We are simply trying to ensure by covering the virus -- that everyone is informed and may know what they need to know to make the best decisions for their family. As always --- please stay safe out there. Statistical company Esri has compiled a map of the startling rise in Coronavirus cases ravaging much of America right now. In that map, the company found that if no proper response or potential solution arises by November -- more than 224k Americans will likely be dead. Currently, there are 3.4m cases of the Coronavirus in America and they're rapidly growing. As of Thursday, there are a reported 137,000+ deaths in t...
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