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WHO just raised the coronavirus threat level + 2nd “unknown” case found in Northern California

NEW TONIGHT. The WHO has now raised the global threat level in regards to the coronavirus to very high. This means that the chances of continued infections around the globe are almost inevitable according to officials. Meanwhile over in Santa Clara County — health officials have located the second person to unknowingly have the coronavirus. Per officials, this is yet another case of no known contact with those infected and no recent travel history. The news comes on the heels of American health officials warning that America is indeed on the brink of a very serious pandemic. ???? 83,652???????? 78,961???????? 2,337???? 705???????? 650???????? 245???????? 210???????? 96???????? 59???????? 43???????? 40???????? 38???????? 33???????? 26???????? 25???????? 24???????? 23???????? 19?...
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