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James Comey: I was concerned Trump was a liar
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James Comey: I was concerned Trump was a liar

Nuggets from James Comey's hotly watched congressional testimony are emerging like pancakes this morning.  In those already revealed, it, has now been revealed to the public that Comey held the belief that "Trump may be a liar" from the start. According to the testimony, Comey felt that "Trump may have been lying from the start" in reference to the Russian investigation and his administrations dealings with Russia.  To the extent in which Trump allegedly lied,  Comey, would go no further. Interestingly, legal experts are unsure whether or not Comey may have incriminated himself by revealing that he indeed was the leaker.  We noted this, because, a few short weeks ago Comey testimony from last year (surfaced online, and in it, he claimed he had never done such before). The most tal...
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