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Banking Review: Why every young American should have @Chime
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Banking Review: Why every young American should have @Chime

Banking as a young person in America can be difficult, especially, if you've  not paid attention to the fine print and accidentally forgot to turn off your overdraft protection (that's where those big bankers get you!).   When that happens you're now in a dark realm known as  the overdraft realm, and, next to the overdraft itself and that $35 fee -- your time as a banking customer is pretty much over. That's why Chime was invented. The guys at Chime brilliantly managed to create a fee-free debit card that works when other banks don't.   To test such, our Editor in Chief SHK has had a Chime card of his own for the last six months and in his own words "I absolutely love it. The fee free environment and the automatic savings transfers help me tremendously learning to save money and better ...
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