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Damage done by alleged CIA mole may be actually catastrophic

The CIA mole that was arrested for his part in the deaths and captures of agents in China dating back to 2010, ehum, may have actually been much worse than actually thought. According to NBC News,     sources say that  the mole     helped Chinese authorities discover "covcom" which was apparently an informant-designed communication system giving the Central Intelligence Agency an eye in China. American officials are concerned that China shared the information they got when Jerry Chun Shin Lee  went rogue  with Russia. And in turn,  Russia left a joint  operation training mission exclaiming to have "good info on covcom". The CIA has since changed its  spy tactics in the region following the destruction of its   network per the report from NBC News. 
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How America became responsible for the rise of popular terrorism

This is an article published in the Daily News in part and cooperation with numerous historical records;  agencies,   and witness statements from Arab-Muslim individuals who have lost everything they've known because of America.  It isn't just in movies,  the American government, has long aligned itself with terrorist groups and the like since at least the beginning of the Cold War era.  Consider it, a form of mutual advancement for the Americans, a fact that can't be denied given the US's troubled history around the world.  Historians who worked with The Daily News on this project, say, the United States growing love-affair with terrorism dates back to at least the early 1960's -- since the days of Ronald Reagan. Beginning in the 1970's,   which could be accounted as the early days ...
Reports: Trump plans to shrink CIA,  intelligence agencies
Trump's America

Reports: Trump plans to shrink CIA, intelligence agencies

LANGLEY, VIRGINIA -- According to news reports published today in local papers, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence could soon see themselves out of jobs under Trump's administration.  Reports indicate that Trump "plans to shrink down both offices in favor of putting more agents in various outposts across the globe". The first office was first created in 2004  to manage cooperation between intelligence agencies post 9/11. But under a Trump administration,  said office would likely be almost kaput if not shrunken entirely. Via The Wall Street Journal
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