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Feinstein orders the release of further information on that infamous Trump Dossier

For those that deeply followed the 2016 Presidential Elections, it, later became public knowledge that a dossier of sorts about Trump appeared in Washington.  At the time, in that dossier, some pretty unusual allegations were levied against the now President. According to the office of Senator Diane Feinstein, she, has ordered the release of the transcript from the Dossier Interview that took place with the co-founder of the company initially responsible for  the document. In that interview, it, can immediately be suggested that the company knew and or withheld the fact (only releasing it to the FBI) that the Trump Administration had a mole, and, a loud-mouthed one. The Post notes that Glen Simpson, the co-founder of Fusion GPS,  made one factoid in that interview that has stuck out ...
Christopher Steele THAT MI6 spy is pictured for the first time
UK News

Christopher Steele THAT MI6 spy is pictured for the first time

He apparently wrote the infamous dossier now officially public (although we wrote about it in October).    Steele, has  now come out in defense of the dossier citing that he "felt it had to come out" because it warranted a full FBI inquiry.   The claims range from corrupt sex; financial bribery, and receiving intelligence from the Kremlin. Trump, er, has of course denied the allegations citing that the dossier was "compiled by my political opponents rather than a legitimate spy".  In other news, Steele, remains in hiding as British officials have ordered that UK newspapers not name him. Clearly we opted not to follow that order.
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