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Have you heard of the Pillowcase Rapist?

Have you heard of the Pillowcase Rapist?

If the answer to that is, uh, no, don't feel bad neither have we.  According to police though, uh,  the Pillowcase Man is a very real dude with a very creepy  deal on life.   Between 1971 and 1982 Christopher Hubbart notoriously raped dozens of women muffling their screams using, you guessed it, a pillowcase. In 2014,  Hubbart, was reportedly released from a California state mental hospital after he was apparently found to have some pretty distorted thoughts on life and the body parts of a woman.  It didn't last though according to police, some of which, note that he reportedly still has the unusual thoughts on women. As a result? Prosecutors in Los Angeles have now readmitted the Pillowcase Man to the Coalinga State Hospital for at least a year amid concerns that if he remains out h...
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