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Chinese  region just “legalized” re-education camps: Report

Chinese region just “legalized” re-education camps: Report

China has some explaining to do, and, international watchdogs are concerned that very serious human-rights violations are occurring. According to reports,   The region of Xuinhua has apparently legalized the use of “re-education camps” for those that identify as Muslim and may or may not be extreme. Rights groups managed to discover that  China has allegedly detained upwards of 1m people, and, forces them to either stop practicing their faith or swear entire loyalty to President Xi Jinping. China then (per the BBC) subsequently confirmed the existence of the detention centers, but, denied the claim that they’ve arrested more than 1,000,000 people.  Apparently the centers feature Mandarin Chinese classes; forces the so-called importance of state-run media on children, and essentially ...
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