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Lawyers: Cops in Laquan Mcdonald murder  are “savage liars”
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Lawyers: Cops in Laquan Mcdonald murder are “savage liars”

Surprise Surprise, said no one. According to lawyers in the cop sponsored murder of Laquan Mcdonald, cops "willfully lied; deceived, and made up statements after intimidating witnesses to cover themselves in the illegal shooting death of Laquan Mcdonald". "It's not just the officers on the street," attorney Jeffrey Neslund tells CNN. "It's a lieutenant, a sergeant, and detectives. Lawyers allege that  police detective across the board "held witnesses against their will; threatened to lock them up for good, and demanded that they change their own version of what happened to match official accounts". Per additional reports, one other woman was allegedly held against her will for hours while police demanded that she change her story or "else". In that account, an officer, allegedly told...
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