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History ‘s 3 Most Stunning Abductions

Some abductions over the past 10 and even 20 years have been so shocking, I often have had quite the difficult time writing about most of them. I still remember the first time I covered some of the most notorious abductions in 2009 even when I was a teenager myself. This list contains some of the most interesting (modern) and pre-modern abductions I've ever seen. Some were taken from their homes, others, were taken by their own family members. In this Top 3 countdown and after more than a week of extensive research, I've found the 4 abductions that mesmerised the world the most. Nataleee Holloway While the young woman has never actually been found it is widely believed that she was murdered. A foreign man by the name of Joran Van Der Sloot, per court records, is believe...
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