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Khloe Kardashian may be pregnant again with Tristan Thompson ‘s baby (maybe, not so maybe, it’s confusing)

The world of the Kardashian 's is in more ways than one usually confusing and hard to understand. As one of the most famous family 's in America (love em or hate em), they're usually the subject of real news and then what appears to be speculation. On Wednesday, reports surfaced speculating that KoKo Kardashian might be pregnant with Tristan Thompson 's next child. In case you're not a Kardashian follower let's get you aptly up to speed in a few sentences. Tristan Thompson is the man that Khloe had her first child by, however, he later "kissed" among other alleged things Jordyn Woods (a close former Kardashian family friend.). The result of that alleged kiss and such led to International media attention against Jordyn Woods that often felt kind of wrong. The report appeared...
Makeup Queen James Charles says Wet N Wild ripped off of one of projects
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Makeup Queen James Charles says Wet N Wild ripped off of one of projects

Makeup Queen James Charles has a new bone to pick with others. According to reports -- Charles has "discovered" that a yet be released palette by Wet-N-Wild resembles his own a little too much.  Charles' project was released last year with a company called Morphe. Morphe appears to have shown off their project at none other than RuPal 's Drag Con/Beauty Event held today in NYC.
Crazy Rich Asians scores big at the box office
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Crazy Rich Asians scores big at the box office

The first all Asian casted movie in more than 20 years   fought off some pretty big competition at the box office. According to box-office estimates out over the weekend, the  rom-com starring Constance Wu  made Americans swoon as they've  reportedly snatched up  $34.2m in its opening weekend. Crazy Rich Asians stars Wu, as Rachel ,  a New York woman who discovers that her longtime lover and boyfriend is one of the richest men in Singapore.  Apparently, a secret he failed to mention on his Match.com profile.  Our full review is expected tomorrow. 
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Noella Fe’s top 24 questions for the week.

It's Sunday and It's the last day of the week, we all need a little laugh here and there right? I just wanted to release some light energy in the air. Tensions are going to be high, it's Super Bowl Sunday! I don't know about you, but sometimes I just have random thoughts in my head. These random thoughts form questions. Are they morally sound? Maybe not. Here's my disclaimer: Might not be for the faint of heart or the sensitive. Of course, I would never purposely offend you; however, apologies are rare if I do. We all have questions, and GI JOE said it best, "YOU MUST KNOW, AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE." Plus some of these issues will become apart of Black history some way or another. (chuckles) I want to be able to tell my great nieces and nephews the real story. Speaking of knowi...

A man apparently tried to kidnap Lana Del Rey

ORLANDO -- After a concert in the Orlando area,  Lana Del Rey, was nearly apparently a kidnapping victim.  Orlando police say that Michael Hunt, a crazy obsessed apparent fan, was found a block from Del Rey's Amway Center Concert. Hunt, was apparently armed with a knife (among other weapons)  when he managed to get into the concert.  He apparently traveled to the area with the intent of actually kidnapping Del Rey after her concert. Hunt had apparently been on social media hours before, reportedly, having posted several  messages threatening Del Rey.
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Film director explains why film doesn’t feature Meghan Markle naked

According to one particular film house,  a 2015 film starring Meghan Markle is preparing for an even bigger release -- but -- there's a catch.  The New York Post reports that the director who worked with Markle, ehum, fought hard to keep her from having to strip down to nothing for the film. Reg Traviss, the director of the Brit film Anti-Social  apparently felt that despite Markle''s sexual appeal she didn't need to strip down to nothing  to get people to actually watch the film. The sentiment, apparently, didn't sit well with other film bosses who had apparently desperately tried to force Markle to strip down.
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Meghan Markle “distressed” after beloved family dog breaks two legs

It's a bad holiday season already (well partially) for the incoming Princess.  According to Us Weekly,  Meghan Markle spent her Christmas eve in a doggy hospital after he beloved family pooch broke two of its legs while being a dog. Us Weekly reports that the beagle, who moved to London with Markle, is receiving treatment at a facility in Surrey this holiday season.

Popular Texas crime blogger arrested for reporting the news

That headline wasn't a play on words, and, ehum, we mean that literally. According to reports,  Priscilla Villareal a popular citizen crime blogger was arrested Friday on charges that she mishandled official information (when in actuality, she beat officials to the point and made the public aware). Officials claim that the charges actually come from the previous suicide this year of a Customs Enforcement employee. Villareal, per the complaint,  "misused the name of the employee for personal gain by publishing it before it was made available". Meanwhile,  the name of the employee was actually already available by means of public record. Priscilla is actually, you guessed it, Lagordiloca, a crime blogger perhaps best known for being on scene of major crimes and various events in Texas....

Bob Weinstein claims he didn’t know Harvey was an “extensive pervert”

Bob Weinstein, ehum, is apparently a good liar. According to reports, the betrothed member of The Weinstein Company and its board has told numerous outlets that he "knew Harvey was a philanderer but didn't know to what extent" and 'hopes that Harvey gets all of the justice that he rightfully deserves". The comments were reportedly made to The Hollywood Reporter over the weekend. Although, ehum, such doesn't align with the very same contract that Bob signed for Harvey 's own employment beginning in 2015.  The Daily News, previously reported of an employment contract that surfaced online. In that employment contract, it, was noted that "Payments beginning at $250,000 for the first offense and upwards to no more than $1m will be taken from Harvey for each issue he creates due to behavi...

Making lewd jokes about women is apparently a popular thing in Hollywood

That's most because apart from Amazon; Harvey Weinstein, and uh well just about every other major male actor (including Ben Affleck) a video has resurfaced. And in that video, Jason Mamoa is seen making crude and lewd jokes about sexually assaulting women. https://twitter.com/i/web/status/918331118906236929

Brooke Shields claims Donald Trump tried to ask her out

It's the week of unwanted advances; groping, and apparent attempts to wife one.  In interviews posted online today, Elite Daily, captured what is a Brooke Shields claiming that in 1999 she turned down the man that would become the President of the United States. (Trump had met Melania just before in 1998..) The tid-bit comes after a slew of news stories engulfed the career of Harvey Weinstein, and now, appear to be turning their  sights to Donald Trump and Ben Affleck.   Shields claimed in the interview that shortly after Trump first met the then   Melania Trump, he,   was "persistent in trying to get me to go out with him claiming that the people would love it and it needed to happen". Interestingly,  the timeline of events adds up as  Shields placed the timeline of events in...

New Harvey Weinstein accuser comes forth

The long shocking list of accusers against Harvey Weinstein just keeps getting longer.  In an interview with People Magazine,   French star Florence Darel is now the latest female star to come forth citing that Weinstein alike others tried to proposition her in a swanky hotel room. At the time of the proposition, Weinstein, was married to his then wife Eve Chilton.  Chilton, was next door in an adjoining hotel room  when Weinstein attempted to proposition  Darel into unwanted sexual advances. “I was in shock. I was in shock,” Darel, 49, tells PEOPLE about the alleged incident. “I was astonished. When you have someone so physically disgusting in front of you, continuing and continuing as though this was all perfectly normal… What happened to me may not be illegal but it was inappr...
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