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Sleep Easy Coyote: R.I.P. Mark Salling

On this day glee fans all over the world are shocked and saddened by the passing of an all american star; Mark Salling. Salling born in Dallas, Texas on Aug 17th 1982 , passed this morning due to an apparent suicide. Tipped by a phone call to do a welfare check LAPD went to check on the glee star. TMZ broke the news around 10:45 am. Found in a baseball park close to his home hanging from a tree, Mark must have decided that he couldn’t face the burden he was to bear for the next 7 years. “PUCK” as known on the hit show Glee, was the character that Mark played for 6 seasons. He was an aspiring actor that was made an international star. With a passion for music he started a project with a fellow friend called "Camp Coyote" a mix of comedy and music and was touring. Then, BOOM, Things took ...
Harry Dean Stanton dies at 91
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Harry Dean Stanton dies at 91

Character actor Harry Dean Stanton after a six decade career has passed away. Starring in movies like Pretty in Pink, Alien, Escape from New York, Godfather II, The Green Mile, Big Love, Repo Man, Cool Hand Luke, Twin Peaks, Wild at Heart, and countless others. In fact, the Hollywood Reporter, has more on his extraordinary life. Stanton was born in 1926 in Virginia and got his first movie role in 1954. He served in the Armed Forces and fought in the Battle of Okinawa.
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